Friday, May 6, 2011

Details & Prayer

I am scheduled to go in for induction in the morning (Saturday). Our prayer now is for safety over me and guidance for the doctors. I would ask that the Lord allow the process of induction to be one that is not very painful (physically) and happens quickly. A vaginal delivery is the ideal choice in this situation, however, a c-section might occur if all does not go as planned. Our desire is to deliver this baby naturally (meaning vaginally). We also pray for the care of our other children at home. The nurse said this process might be a slow one and could take days. It is very hard for me to be away from my other children, and so I ask for God's provision with care for them, and comfort for my heart. We would also be grateful if the baby could come out in tact and able for us to see and hold. Thank you, thank you for continued prayers and support!


  1. I've got nothin', nothin' at all. absolutely no words, head shaking how can this be, heart dropping to the pit of my stomach for you, empty sad feeling. I know that we should be all positive right now, but I am really fighting hard to fight back the tears. My dear friend, in your times of heartache my God be by your side. We are all praying for you. Please email me and tell me why they want to induce, I hope your health is not in danger...

  2. Anji-
    They want to induce because the baby can't stay in there when it is not living anymore. She will begin to break down and can become "toxic" to my body. We are trying to avoid a c-section because the baby is so small still & they think that she should be able to pass, and it is so much better for my body than having major surgery and having to recover for 6-8 weeks.

  3. Praying for all ! Love to you! The Arms of Jesus are holding you as well as your hubby and friends.